What Matters Most in MBA Admissions?

Almost every day, I accept E-mails and buzz calls from new audience that go something like this: “I accept a 2.9 GPA, 680 GMAT, and four years of plan acquaintance in consulting. I’ve been acknowledgment twice; I accept acceptable extracurriculars. What are my chances?”

MBA hopefuls again wish to acquisition out what is the a lot of important allotment of the business academy application. Is it the GMAT score, undergraduate transcript, essays, interview, belletrist of recommendations, or something abroad entirely?

Everyone wants to apperceive what to focus on in their application, and how their claimed affairs rate. Top business schools don’t accept you based absolutely on your statistics, though.

It’s accurate that solid numbers can advice your appliance be considered. While a 550 GMAT or a 2.5 GPA will accession a red banderole at an MBA affairs like the Stanford University Graduate Academy of Business, a 700 GMAT and a 3.6 GPA accomplish you a solid candidate. But even an 800 GMAT account and a absolute GPA can be alone at an aristocratic MBA program.

Ask a lot of admissions board associates and they will acquaint you that it’s the sum of abounding pieces-there is no one “most important” part. The top schools wish to apperceive who you are, and statistics and a résumé don’t acquaint them that. It’s the essays, interviews, and recommendations that ultimately acknowledge the being above the paper.

Compelling essays, recommendations, and interviews can accommodate ambience for a low GMAT account or GPA-but the about-face is not true. Strong numbers will never accomplish up for anemic essays or a disorganized, abrogating recommendation.

Some say the a lot of important allotment of the appliance is your alleged “weakest” part-one weakness could absolutely change how admissions board associates apperceive your application. In fact, in a recent blog post, Yale Academy of Management‘s Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions Bruce DelMonico apprenticed applicants to be up foreground about their weaknesses.

“Everyone has weaknesses,” he stressed. “We’ll see them, so you’re bigger off acknowledging them and accumulation them into your appliance than acquisitive we’ll absence them.”

While I agnosticism that any business academy admissions board would formally abutment this statement, I would accept to casting my vote for essays as the a lot of important allotment of your application. The essays acquiesce the admissions board to absolutely ascertain who you are. It’s area you address why an MBA makes faculty as the next footfall of your career path, and how you differentiate yourself from all of the added individuals who aswell denticulate in the 700s on their GMAT.

The essays are your befalling to present your strengths, explain your weaknesses, and about argue the admissions board associates that you accept a lot to action the affairs and that you accord in their class.

The essays are aswell constant a part of all applicants, so in that way they are beneath difficult to appraise and compare. All candidates are accustomed the aforementioned set of questions, and are advised by the aforementioned accumulation of admissions members, creating a akin arena acreage that can abridge the analysis process.

Interviews are actual different; some are conducted over the phone, some at the business school, and all are handled by altered types of individuals with altered approaches.

Recommendations alter as well. While all applicants do their best to acquisition abundant recommenders, some individuals plan with MBAs who accept the process. Others plan with humans who accept no abstraction what to write.

The essays are anniversary individual’s befalling to allocution about their accurate self. You should apperceive that a lot of applicants to the top schools are qualified, in the faculty that they would be able to handle the class and account from the program.

However, to be admitted, you charge to authenticate that you are added than alone qualified. It’s the adventure that you put calm about your goals, passions, and above-mentioned experience-and how business academy fits into the mix-that will accomplish the aberration for you. Once that adventure is assembled, I can bigger acknowledgment the question: “What are my chances?”